There are many myths surrounding employment law:

  • Do you need to give female staff time off during pregnancy?
  • Does the Health and Safety at Work Act apply to very small businesses?
  • Do you need written contracts of employment?
  • Is sexual harassment outside of work the employers’ problem to deal with?
  • Can you sack lazy staff?


It seems that everyone has an opinion on each of these issues, and many others. Yet often, these opinions have no basis in law. It’s because of this that employers can find themselves the subject of an Employment Tribunal, or even criminal prosecution.

Worse still, out of fear of these potential sanctions, some employers will simply try to sweep their problems with staff under the carpet. This causes the problems to fester, reducing staff morale, and ultimately costing a lot more money when they eventually see the light of day.

We help our clients stay on the right side of the rules, regulations and laws surrounding employment. From the issues surrounding employing foreign nationals, to handling disciplinary issues, we give simple, plain English advice. We’ll make sure your paperwork is in order, and help you concentrate on the real issues of making your business a success.

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