What We Do

Commercial Leases

A commercial lease is the biggest financial risk most business owners ever take. We negotiate the details of lease contracts for our clients, protecting them from these risks.

Employment Law

Employing staff is an increasingly complex tangle of red tape. We unravel the complexities for our clients, and help them focus on running their business instead.

Contracts & Terms of Business

Without a written Contract and Terms of Business, you’re relying on trust to get paid. We put this down in black and white to make it clearer & simpler for all to stick to.

Shareholder Agreements

Being in business with other people is a closer relationship than most marriages. We help our clients cope with the ups and downs of the relationship, and to deal with the unexpected without falling out.

Debt Recovery

Sometimes customers turn late payment into a cash flow problem for you. We politely remind them of their obligations (with a 95% success rate), and if necessary, instigate court proceedings on your behalf.

Business Sales & Acquisitions

When buying a business, are you getting what you think you’re paying for? We handle acquisitions from corner shops to multinationals, helping our clients avoid buying nasty surprises.

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