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All solicitors have to be properly qualified and approved to practice law.
But with your business, your contracts, and potentially your family home at stake, “qualified and approved” simply isn’t enough. You need experience that can spot tiny but significant details, the skill to quickly cut through to the important issues, and the ability to explain it all to you in plain English.
Peter Millican
Owner & Solicitor
Rhaynor Garvin
Practice Director
Jabad Jaigirdar
Neal Molloy
Associate Solicitor
Ricky Handa
Associate Solicitor
Aphrodite Christodoulou
Commercial Property/Corporate

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  • Ian Robb

    Peter has acted for both my companies on several occasions and has always given fantastic advice at a reasonable cost.
    I always know that Peter puts his clients interests first before his own and will never advise that you pursue a case that would not have a favourable outcome.
    I found that using other solicitors we always seemed to be given advice which suited their pockets and not mine, with Peter I never question his intentions.

    Ian Robb Director at GR13 Ltd

  • Amy Purdie

    I have worked with Peter at Welbeck and at Whiteacres and each time I have found him to be highly professional, honest, reliable, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He is very approachable, provides excellent advice and delivers great results. Peter is keen to see his clients do the best they can and will advise them of the best route with true consideration for their own success, and can explain things clearly. His reputation is excellent and I have heard many good things said about his work by others. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter to anybody in need of a commercial solicitor. He’s the ideal man to help you out!

    Amy Purdie Founder - Whiteacres Design